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Exclusive private three-dimensional cinema experience dynamic 3D game! Specially designed for smart phones a common 2D images can be converted to 3D space image; Space screen converter realistic three-dimensional effect; Simple and convenient operation; Necessary for tourism travel leisure home movie and game; Suitble for any smart phone you can use it anytime anywhere sitting lying or standing! Wear a headband adjust the tightness watch 3D stereoscopic video (experience 3D dynamic games). Technical Data: 1. Lens diameterя╝Ъ35mm; Type of lenses: double convex spherical structure; Lens material: lenses of imported K9 optical materials; Scope of application: a variety of smart phones including Apple Samsung Sony HTC Huawei Xiaomi BBK etc. IPHONE 5 / 5S / 5C IPHONE 6 4.7~5.5 Inch screen Android Apple iOS platform 4.3~6.3 inch screen smart phones etc.. Function introduction: 1. 3D glasses meet the requirements of different groups of people more comfortable a unique studio features can meet different brand model size of smart phones ready to watch 3D movies and games and entertainment requirements; 2. With 3D glasses your body and head can be moved no longer maintain one posture to watch the entire film you can lay down and watch the video more comfortably and will not affect the viewing experience; 3. After 3D glasses can change the small screen of a mobile phone to large theater you will feel no screen concept you see the whole world you are in this world; 4. Recommended phones that over 720P resolution 1080P or 2K 4K is better

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